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Whine or Shine on 02/02/2020?

Punxsutawney Phil’s task is paramount. That we’ll all be watchig there is no doubt. With hilarious hullabaloo and fanfare We’ll all sit around the TV and stare. Will the sun stay hidden, producing no shadow? If so we’ll hoot for … Continue reading

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Are You Guilty?

Let’s decide. In the first month of 2020 I heard two words I didn’t realize were ‘real’ words. From time to time we all add prefixes or suffixes to familiar words to make the meanings fit our purposes exactly with … Continue reading

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Because of Love

Sometimes I’m caught off guard when my Siamese hops up as I rock in my favorite chair. Once he lands lightly, he seems to ponder the timing. Will he stay briefly as though posed for a few photos, then leave … Continue reading

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Turning Twenty

The twenty-first century is maturing. Time flew through its adolescence. Will we manage a world hopefully enduring With love, peace and effervescence? At its birth we used the word ‘millennial’ And we all survived the Y2 Scare. But the growing … Continue reading

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Noise Pollution

Blood pressure up, senses heightened, nerves on edge… not in response to potential danger, or to a deer sighting within shooting range or to too much coffee, but to NOISE, lots of it, ALL THE TIME. Motivation, learning, memory, productivity … Continue reading

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Late Harvest Treat

Magic was involved. Had to have been because after one bite I knew I was going to eat the whole heaping plateful right then, with my unwashed fingers, from the driver’s seat, before I told anyone about its power because … Continue reading

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Looking Ahead

Too many of us buy into the idea that unless we paint, play a musical instrument, write poetry or compose music, we are not creative. I like the definition of ‘creative’ in the Cambridge dictionary. It suggests that creative souls … Continue reading

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