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Face the Light

Without searching, the lie surfaced. You cried all night And dreaded the light. Because he lied Your life’s in disarray, You seem to have lost your way. Because he lied You search all eyes, Sifting truth from lies. Because he … Continue reading

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Barricades at the Crossroads

Will I be staying? Will I be straying? They will be x-raying And I will be paying. No one at my side. No place to hide. Not saying. Certainly praying. Perhaps playing. Determinedly delaying To keep lives from fraying. Laying … Continue reading

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Going Postal

One of my Facebook friends, and a former student, expressed so well the tugging at my soul about all the reaching out and not touching that goes on now with all the instant communication tools around. I do enjoy sharing … Continue reading

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The Perfectly Peelable Egg

A satisfying boiled egg  has eluded me for a while.  I wasn’t boiling eggs in a drastically different way, but the results seemed to be drastically different. So much so that I  sensed  the disappearance of one of this household’s traditional … Continue reading

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Breaking through…”Breaking Dawn”

The Addams Family! The Munsters! Those are the  only two remakes that would get me to the moves for the creepy big screen experience. Until now.  I have joined the kajillions who have crunched and munched through the viewing of … Continue reading

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Life Lessons from a Rooster

A friend doesn’t have to be just like me to be a friend. All dogs are not created equal.  Don’t be fooled by appearances. Meals from scratch are so worth it; the variety is endless. Fastfood from someplace else served by someone else … Continue reading

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