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Forsythia Yellow

This first appeared in my Close to Home column in my hometown weekly The Prospect-News 3/24/2021. If I went to a local hardware/paint store and asked for a can of Forsythia Yellow, I bet I would get a raised-eyebrow grin … Continue reading

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International Day of Happiness

March 20 is the UN International Day of Happiness, a ‘holiday’ since 2013, with a theme even! 2020’s  theme “Happy Together”  was an unfortunate twisted premonition chosen BEFORE the pandemic was global reality. Staying safe meant isolating from anyone not … Continue reading

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See-sawing Intermission Between Winter and Spring

Remember the first time driving on Missouri highways 160 or 19? Experiencing the month of March is like that. Psyches get a workout. Anticipation reigns. Driving curvy hilly roads one can’t help but wonder what the view will be at … Continue reading

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With the Aid of the Letter ‘C’

During the recent horrific cold spell, Lots in my life helped me manage well. Stuff starting with ‘C’ played an important role In dipping temps not taking a toll. Careening across the porch on all fours, Early day one, going … Continue reading

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