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Tribute to a Friend

Jack-of-all-trades, master of none Didn’t fit this particular one. When and where did he learn all he knew? Anything you needed it seemed he could do. The tasks he tackled at times were grand But were perfected with his talented … Continue reading

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Isolation Revelations

My thoughts about physical distancing are not earth shattering or original. We are all in this pandemic together learning as we go, scrolliing through the same Facebook memes, facing the same fears and shortages, laughing at the same jokes that … Continue reading

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Pandemic Ponderings

To you this might seem a collection of spontaneous thoughts scribbled on various post-it notes, napkin corners, envelope flaps and receipts, but nope. There ARE those, but I am not bored enough yet to resort to that scavenger hunt. The … Continue reading

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2018 Valentines

Guys, if you don’t remember, this is your hint. Today is February 14th. Yeah so, you say? I’ll spell it out. It’s V-A-L-E-N-T-I-N-E’s Day, fellas. There is still time to get flowers,  chocolates, cutesy stuffed animals or romantically mushy cards … Continue reading

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When I Needed an Online Dating Profile

Once upon a time…it was NOT a dark and stormy night…The dark and stormy feelings were over, giving me the bold, clean-slate mindset to give online dating a trial. It is no longer a consideration. It didn’t help, though I … Continue reading

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If I Could…

Pardon me while I search the paths in my gray matter to find the reason my initial answer to a for-fun Facebook question “If you could talk to anyone right now, who would it be?” was Mrs. Shaw. I assumed … Continue reading

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SUNSHINE! Here you are! I have been missing you just as I missed seeing during holidays and vacations that high school boy (or maybe two) who gave me his ring. Sure, I remember their names, but they don’t come around … Continue reading

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