Monthly Archives: February 2020

Rude Awakenings

Rude awakenings – those comedic twists that catch us off guard, sometimes funny only AFTER the fact. *Discovering under fluorescent work lights that your socks or shoes don’t match. Seems a bigger deal when one shoe is blue and one … Continue reading

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Meat from Feral Hogs Donated from Private Hunt

This was written for my Close to Home column in my town’s (Doniphan, MO) local weekly newspaper The Prospect-News. Blame this column on a Facebook post – the one that showed a row of dead feral hogs and advertising the … Continue reading

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Whine or Shine on 02/02/2020?

Punxsutawney Phil’s task is paramount. That we’ll all be watchig there is no doubt. With hilarious hullabaloo and fanfare We’ll all sit around the TV and stare. Will the sun stay hidden, producing no shadow? If so we’ll hoot for … Continue reading

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