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Time on the Run

Where does time go when it whizzes by? What is the hurry? I wonder why It doesn’t stop and sit a spell. Oh, the stories I could tell If time would slow down some Instead of always being on the … Continue reading

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Making Waves

It happens to you. It happens to me. We read or hear about an item, an idea or an absurdity and everywhere we turn there is evidence of that particular notion. Undoubtedly it strikes a chord at first, which subconsciously … Continue reading

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Hollyhock Haven

Mom had a hollyhock flower bed in the backyard right at the fence when I was a child. It served as a colorful screen. In the city we were never really out of sight of any of the neighbors, but … Continue reading

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Shine and Whine

Punxsutawney Phil’s task was paramount, That we’d all be watching, there was no doubt. With hilarious hullabaloo and fanfare We all sat around the TV and stared. Did the sun stay hidden, producing no shadow? If so, we hooted for … Continue reading

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