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Evolution of Music for Me

When I was plopped down in Ripley County, Missouri, in the middle of nowhere as a not-quite-16 year old, I vowed I would never be a country convert in ANY way, but particularly not in my music choices. Remaining a … Continue reading

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Females and Baseball

It was the proverbial perfect storm. Rare unpredictable factors aligned to create the situation. I was smack dab in the middle. Here is a recounting of events that transpired. *As Major League Baseball teams revved up for spring training, I … Continue reading

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Une fleur jaune

A solitary crocus bloomed in my yard in February. Its symmetry and vibrancy startled me. This camera angle baffles the senses momentarily. La fleur jaune is real and atop a tiny stem!

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Scrapping with Screens

Who am I kidding? The plan – cancelling my tv service for improved mental and physical health – has failed miserably. Even as few as ten years ago the implementation of that decision would have been obvious much sooner. Not … Continue reading

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So many clouds of dreariness Can fill one’s days with weariness, But the raindrops will fall; We can do nothing at all So wipe away the bleariness And give a friend a call. Two heads are better than one For … Continue reading

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