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Caution: Adults at Play

ALL WORK AND NO PLAY MAKE JACK A DULL BOY; ALL PLAY AND NO WORK MAKE JACK A MERE TOY. This proverb  was already a familiar one when it appeared in print in 1659 -the first part that is. Author … Continue reading

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My Side of the Fence

The grass is always higher on my side of the fence. At first glance to you it won’t make any sense. Why is starting a mower harder than starting a blender? It’s useless to pout and blame it on gender.   … Continue reading

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Sudden. Deafening. Close. Terrifying. Fight or flight? Fight what? Fly where? Is that terror coming from this direction? Or from this way? It must be right here. Impossible! I am in the house. Run outside or stay inside? What is … Continue reading

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Summer With a Twist

School’s out.  We are getting a jump start on summer!  Whatever happened to those ‘hazy crazy lazy days’ of summer?  Plan some fun with these three action verbs in mind and prepare for summer with a twist. *MOSEY.  Yep it’s … Continue reading

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Ripples and Torrents

Puddles provide endless intrigue. Rain boots are made for splashing through them. Rocks are made for throwing into them. Stand  still long enough around one and watch birds take baths and tiny creatures crawl in and out. Creeks deepen the … Continue reading

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Rednecks Unite!

This first appeared in my hometown paper, The Prospect-News, in the June 8, 2016 issue. Our beloved gem of a hamlet, in the midst of God’s verdant landscape with a spectacular river running through it, has acquired a new credential … Continue reading

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