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Christmas Tree Trimming

Yesterday I trimmed a huge cedar…no, not with lights and ornaments for holiday festivities.  I was multi-tasking in the backyard. I know, I know.  Some experts have said that actual multi-tasking is not possible, though increased use of technology at our fingertips  might … Continue reading

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Top Ten Reasons to Try On a Class Ring…

….45 years later. #10. I’m proud of my connection to the high school, even though it didn’t turn out to be my alma mater. #9. If I frequented bars, I could spin it around to look like a wedding band to ward … Continue reading

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Going Postal

One of my Facebook friends, and a former student, expressed so well the tugging at my soul about all the reaching out and not touching that goes on now with all the instant communication tools around. I do enjoy sharing … Continue reading

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The Perfectly Peelable Egg

A satisfying boiled egg  has eluded me for a while.  I wasn’t boiling eggs in a drastically different way, but the results seemed to be drastically different. So much so that I  sensed  the disappearance of one of this household’s traditional … Continue reading

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The Start of a Soggy Saga

The last few years of my career as a language teacher I also drove a school bus. What fun it was sharing the following travel tale with family and friends far removed from my home in Ripley County. Flash flood … Continue reading

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St. Louis on the Sad City List? No Way!

This just cannot be right.  There has to be some sort of mistake!  St. Louis – my beloved place of birth and home until age 16 – ranked  #5 in the list of “10 Saddest Cities in America”? Uh-uh. When … Continue reading

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Breaking through…”Breaking Dawn”

The Addams Family! The Munsters! Those are the  only two remakes that would get me to the moves for the creepy big screen experience. Until now.  I have joined the kajillions who have crunched and munched through the viewing of … Continue reading

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