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The End of A Soggy Saga ;)

Part of me secretly wished I still could not be heard over the two-way, that some driver in a shining wrecker would chance by, see my predicament and rescue me, with my biggest task being how to convince my cargo … Continue reading

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A Soggy Saga – Part 3

  Having received  the landowner’s permission to use the gravel drive and part of the yard, I pulled in and began my turnaround.  Somehow the considerable flat open space began to shrink.  Simultaneously the riders’ whines increased in volume as … Continue reading

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Snow White, Snow Bright (a parallel poem)

During the recent writers’ retreat at the Hemingway-Pfeiffer Estate in Piggott, Arkansas, I was introduced to the parallel poem.  It is constructed to be read two ways;  (1) down the lefthand column first then down the righthand one; (2) or all the … Continue reading

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A Soggy Saga – Part Two

Last week I began a story about driving my school bus route on a drenched day with flash floods occurring. That column ended with…”What lay before me were the dark churning waters of an angry river trying to find its … Continue reading

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Mystery Shopping and a Mystery Pot

Some of my purchases defy explanation, so does that qualify me as a mystery shopper? I am especially drawn to  items that appear to be one-of-a-kind.  That usually means I don’t know what they are and they don’t have  identification tags … Continue reading

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Divine Ties – My Core Assets

We can’t deny the ties that bind, by birth divinely outlined, Traits so easy to see keep Momma and Daddy on our  minds; A love story from the start, two daring to share their hearts. Proof is found in familiar … Continue reading

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Life Lessons from a Rooster

A friend doesn’t have to be just like me to be a friend. All dogs are not created equal.  Don’t be fooled by appearances. Meals from scratch are so worth it; the variety is endless. Fastfood from someplace else served by someone else … Continue reading

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Mind Matters

I found a hidden treasure in an upstairs closet. Dollarwise, it wasn’t worth much.  It was a yellow plastic sewing box with a broken lid. The usual sewing items-spools of thread, needles, thimbles and such – were there, but they camouflaged … Continue reading

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