That Time of Year Around Here

That Time of Year Around Here

If you live here – whether by birth or transplant – you are well aware of the significance of this week. It’s Deer Season. Yeah, I know better than to capitalize those two words in the predicate of a sentence, but around here it is a genuine holiday, so capitalize them I will. As a transplant to Ripley County from St. Louis during my adolescence, it meant nothing more than a vacation from school. It was perplexing why the board would schedule a break at such a strange time since November weather is not normally conducive to fun in the great outdoors – cold, damp, dreary. Camo wear prevailed and for some bizarre reason we had traffic!

Back to the area after college to settle in with a new husband and a new career in education, it still meant little more to me than a vacation from school. The perplexity was compounded by the focus of ALL the conversations in the teachers’ lounge about rut, scrapes and rubs. I don’t like being in the dark about stuff, so, yep, I asked. From context I could pretty much figure out scrape and rub, but rut had me baffled.

“What are you talking about when you say rut?”

The noisy banter ceased abruptly. In my recollection, it seemed all the heads swiveled toward me in slow motion unison, with identical peculiar looks of astonishment plastered on each one. Uh-oh. I give a friendly nod to one Mr. Wayne Rush – new to education as well, but definitely the prevailing expert on all things hunting – related in that break room. He probably cut his teeth on ammo and took his first baby steps up the rungs of a deer stand.

I asked. He answered. Rush does not mince words. The noisy banter resumed. I wanted to melt like that witch in the Wizard of Oz.

During my 8 years on a farm I learned to shoot a deer rifle, hit my targets, recognize those rubs and scrapes, climb a deer stand, and prepare fresh deer meat for table and freezer. I have camo in my closet to wear this time of year, along with stunning fluorescent orange accessories. I have game cams and feel the vibes as deer camps are readied. I have followed a seasoned hunter for miles and miles way before time and understand the reasons. I appreciate the perfect hunting weather – cold, damp, quiet. Sun okay but not necessary.

My deer stand became a reading retreat, and my popular deer cuisine required a crock pot and French influence. Couldn’t pull the trigger. Can take this gal out of the city, but, well, you know the rest. In celebration of this week, here is a Dorsimbra poem. Hope you got your deer early in the week and are enjoying camaraderie around the campfire till routines resume.

The season preferred is now upon us.
Shopping? No! Stalking with ammo and gun,
Wearing camo and orange and scent of musk,
The hunter keeps hunted on endless run.

Camps and fires
Splatter the woods
With fluorescent glows
And bragging rights.

Some households will eat venison for months.
Others will mourn freezers that are empty.
But all will dread when the time is at end.
The season preferred is now upon us.

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The 7 Wine-Drinking Rules of Middle-Aged Women

Source: The 7 Wine-Drinking Rules of Middle-Aged Women

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Divine Ties – (Revised for publication in PN 11/15)

Divine Ties
Once Halloween happens, we enter a season of celebrations centered around family. Here are some poetic thoughts about mine.

We can’t deny the ties that bind,
By birth divinely outlined,
Traits so easy to see
Keep Momma and Daddy on our minds.
A love story from the start,
Two daring to share their hearts.
Proof is in familiar traces
In three now grown-up faces.
Two girls with a boy in the middle
Mirror their love more than a little
In noses, eyes and easy grins,
In coping with life’s losses and wins.

There are differences from these two mates
In colors and heights and changing weights,
But mixed and mingled by the hand of fate
Are their habits and hands, their loves and hates.
It doesn’t seem we talk enough;
Busy lives make getting together tough.
One fact to be proud of –
We know we were truly loved.

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Conclusion of A Soggy Saga (Revised for publication in the PN)

Part three ended with – I used my other hand on the mike to send that most dreaded message…”22 to base…I am stuck and can’t get out.

No driver in a shining wrecker would chance by, see my predicament and rescue me if my pleas were still unheard. Only in the movies.

“Where are you, 22?” came the response from base.

I was not leaning treacherously toward a deep ditch or buried to the axle where a culvert was supposed to be or blocking traffic. I was sitting in a gravel driveway facing the road about twenty feet from my front wheels. My rear wheels, though, were mired in mud.

Communication quickly became confusing with base and boss both trying to talk to me at the same time. I cut off the helicopter whirring of the defrosters and the rhythmic beating of the wipers. That helped offset, too, the mounting complaints coming from the cargo behind me.

To assess the situation himself, my boss had grabbed an incoming bus and driver and a long yellow towrope and had headed my way. Directions to that particular driveway were not easy for me to convey. He knew every road in the county, and he probably thought I had left it…along with my senses. I was still disoriented from driving backwards; that’s my story and I’m sticking to it. I could not pinpoint my location accurately.

With continued talk between base and boss, I could tell he was getting closer but he was still in the fog about my exact 20. Then I had it, a good indication of my whereabouts!

“22 to boss…I’m at the house for sale by owner just past the driveway of the residence that had all the horses where I used to stop before the students graduated.”

All that detail. He would know for sure now!

“Boss to 22…Why don’t you teach your kids some French while you’re waiting?”

So much for clear communication. My muddled mind in the muddy bus could not fathom how another bus could help the situation. How would it back up to me to pull me out? There was hardly room for one to boogie, much less two to tango.

But my boss and helper (wouldn’t you know it would be the one who taught me how to drive a bus) did it with ease. They had the situation scoped out before they even came to a complete stop. They pulled in, attached the towrope, shifted the cargo in the bus all to one side – I filed that trick for a next time – backed up a few yards, and voilà!

They didn’t add to my humiliation by not using the towrope, or by backing the rescue bus into the same spot to turn around and head back to school. They let me be the lookout as they backed up to my original intended turnaround. My pride recovering, I delivered the rest of the precious cargo, mysteriously muffled now, and wondered about tomorrow’s weather.

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Documentary video on benefits of intermittent fasting

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And the Wheels Go ‘Round

I own an Aztek still, even after it made the “50 Worst Cars of All Time” list published by Time Magazine five years ago. Service is great, comfort is tops. It has been the most reliable vehicle I have ever driven. My running around has escalated since retirement, and though I hated the idea of adjusting to a new car’s temperament, I had to face the facts. My Aztek has 315, 706 miles and, though still serving me well, I don’t put it through the stress of road trips that take me more than a couple of hours away. Now I have a small economy car for longer adventures.

The dear old Aztek has been on some great runs: to the Atlantic Coast twice (the first time my son used it on his honeymoon), to Las Vegas, to Chicago with Jake the chihuahua as navigator, (omg, the traffic!), on countless road trips in the Missouri/Arkansas/Tennessee/Kentucky areas, and on a few backroad jaunts that were against my better judgment. Miles and memories galore! Without question I would jump at the opportunity to buy an identical model if Pontiac were still around and Azteks were in production, in spite of the fact that some family members don’t want to be seen in it… like my sister.

Those Aztek wheels have been the source of my security, freedom and independence since 2001. It is downright criminal that I can never purchase another. Gas mileage is super, body still looks reasonably good, except for the fading of the black plastic trim. Oddly, I saw an identical vehicle in the Bootheel once. It had the same faded black plastic, tail lights that seemed discolored by interior moisture, and a dangling light over the license plate. It seemed that parallel universes had intersected for a nano-second.

I will run those wheels off before I give it up. That process has begun, I guess. One wheel cover is now history, but I won’t replace it. She has earned her scars and she wears them well.

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A Few Favorite Things

1.Watching my grown-up cat play like a kitty
2.Reading a marvelous book recommended by one who knew I would love it
3.Finding the mate to a the perfect earrings for the day
4.Meeting a stranger who seems like a long-lost pal
5.Locating and visiting a best-friend from childhood after searching for years
6.Eating in a cafe that was a favorite of Dad’s
7.Frying potatoes almost just like Mom’s
8.Losing a special ring and finding it in a parking lot while backtracking the next day
9.Clearing the mind watching a glittering of hummingbirds
10.Discovering a word for a group of hummingbirds
11.Touching a blossom so delicate that it’s almost not felt
12.Preparing the tastiest deviled egg
13.Bantering with siblings face-to-face or on the phone
14.Fishing out the last pickle to go with my rare bologna sandwich
15.Laughing at a private connection and raising eyebrows
16.Following a gravel road to see where it goes
17.Hearing loved ones’ voices
18.Listening to baby giggles and coos
19.Anticipating a road trip – solo or with a comrade
20.Realizing at the end of a road trip the radio had not played all day
21.Checking out a library book
22.Planting bulbs in the fall to be surprised by the spring debut of new colors
23.Enjoying a ballgame with other rowdy fans
24.Buying presents
25.Knowing I could add many more items to this list and hoping you can, too

This first appeared in the September 2, 2015, issue of the Prospect-News, the weekly paper in Doniphan, MO.

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